Fraction Dominoes

All dominoes are 12cm by 6cm

Set 1
This set is aimed at Year 2 children and offers 16 dominoes, in four groups of four. Each group features the fractions one quarter, one half, three quarters and one whole, but there are four different diagramatic representations of these fractions, allowing for differentiation. Each of the four groups can be arranged is a square loop.
The set can be used for domino games or for activities prepared by the teacher.
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Fraction Dominoes Set 2

Set 2
This set is aimed at Years 3 and 4. There are 32 dominoes in two groups of 16. Each group is essentially the same but uses different pictures to offer variety. This set has both pictures and fractions in their lowest terms. The set covers halves, quarters, thirds, fifths, sixths and tenths. It does not offer all fractions in each set but only those which are in their lowest terms. Hence seven tenths is in the set but eight tenths is not, since it is equivalent to four fifths. Four fifths itself is in the set. You can make two loops of 16 dominoes, or one loop of 32, with the complete set.
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Set 3
This set is aimed at Years 5 and 6. There are 24 dominoes in the set each with one fraction as a picture and one in numeric form. The complete set of 24 will make a loop.
Many of the pictures in this set feature equivalent fractions. However, all numeric fractions are in their lowest terms. This is illustrated in the examples on the left.
There are some teaching ideas included with the dominoes.
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