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Small Number Cards

To access any of these resources,  just click on the picture.

This will load the resource into Acrobat Reader ready to print. This set of small number cards is used in many of the activities on the CD. Two sets have been printed onto one page for efficiency.

The page should be printed onto thin card.

Reasoning About Number

On the CD there are many cross number activities at a number of levels, and on a variety of topics. The activities are also at a variety of levels.

The one available from here is based on reasoning about number.

Make 21

There are two activities which offer opportunities for open ended work based on exploring number sentences, The one you see on the left is the easier of the two.

In addition to the ones you can get here, the CD has Make 10, Make 50 and Make 100, at varying levels of difficulty. It also has blank copies to allow you to create your own very easily.

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